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Chrome Extension

Adding new clients and contacts to your CRM has never been easier. With our Chrome Extension you can directly input Clients, Contacts and Candidates from Linkedin.

No more flicking between different tabs or miss typing phone numbers and email addresses.

Avoid duplications by being able to view if a Client, contact or candidate already exists within your CRM.

See how quickly you can use the chrome extension:

Hot Leads

Understand how well your emails are performing with your target audience. Individually see leads which have a high open and click rate, allowing you to follow up with confidence. Export metrics to provide a good measure of engagement over time.

Bounced Emails

Lower your mailing costs and get more return for your money by ensuring your emails go to valid email inboxes.

Notices patterns to avoid emails entering Spam inboxes and allows you to act quickly to maximise your marketing efforts.

Hard bounces will trigger emails to be removed from personal information reducing your costs in the future.

Get Your Company Moving Today

One last thing: we make moving super easy - with a simple way of importing data and getting started.

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