Talisman Tech Release Notes 2021-10-05

Powercloud feature: Dashman

To perform at their best, recruiters need to know how they’re doing. We’ve distilled down all of a recruiter’s metrics into a simple “Actual” and “Target” for every month.

 Recruiters do not need to spend their time slicing and dicing data, they need to know what action to take. Dashman does all of the complicated calculations behind the scenes. It presents a dashboard for each user. You can use this to manage the individual, team and ultimately the company performance.

Dashman takes data from all over the Talisman platform – CRM, Pay & Bill and Online Timesheets. There are 20 metrics “Out of the box” including monthly Gross Profit and the number of jobs added. 

If you are a manager – you can set targets for your team. Your team’s targets are then added up to make a team target.

Dashman allows you to focus on the data that you need to see. Whether it be an individual, a team or even the whole company – you can access the information at your fingertips.

Recruiters love competition. Every single metric on Dashman can be created into a league table.