Wink Wink

Talisman Tech Release Notes 2021-09-30

Powercloud feature: Wink Wink.

Wink Wink is our clever marketing superpower comprising Chrome extension, bounces emails and hot leads.

Adding new clients and contacts to your CRM has never been easier. With our Chrome Extension you can directly input Clients, Contacts and Candidates from Linkedin. 

Quickly send them direct emails using templates from the Chrome Extension all in under 60 seconds. 

Understand how well your emails are performing with your target audience. Individually see leads which have a high open and click rate, allowing you to follow up with confidence. Export metrics to provide a good measure of engagement over time.

With Wink Wink you can lower your overall mailing costs by ensuring your emails go to valid email inboxes. Hard bounced emails will trigger those email addresses.