Story of the Pig

By David, CEO of Talisman

We love demo’ing Talisman and we’re very proud to say that – prospects invariably love the software and can see the efficiency their recruiters can gain.  (If you want a demo – feel free to book in here)

However, a pattern has emerged over time. Often, we get asked (in a slightly embarrassed tone!)  “Just a small question, where did the Pig come from?!”

So I thought we’d address it head on here.

Firstly, I’ll start by giving you a quick heads-up. Let’s go back 40 years when Talisman was born. The software was aimed at large recruiters – and therefore always had very “corporate” branding. 

Fast forward to 2016… a new team (and I) joined Talisman to make the product more mainstream.  The integrated platform was unique and when used together, the products saved recruiters huge amounts of time and money.  So, we thought a Piggy Bank would represent this cost-saving well. 

We commissioned our designer, and below is our first design which was used for a couple of years:

However, although we’re serious enough to power the infrastructures of some major recruitment agencies (with hundreds of users) we’re also a fun bunch. 

So things changed for the pig when one of our team (Isabel) had a go at refining it.  This is the first (never seen before) mascot pig:

It caught the attention of another one of our team (Jono) who programs games in his spare time. He gave it to one of his 3D artist friends (Jay – who now works in support in Talisman). And the pig grew…..  

(You may even see this pig within the software if you keep your eye out!)

By this time, the pig had all this character and we had no choice but to give the Pig a name – Tails.

Since then, Tails has been an integral part of our software and brand. You’ll find Tails:

Sitting on your Sales Rocket Ship

Helping you fight the Recruitment admin hurricane

Riding with you through the Recruitment Aggro Avalanche.. 

Or creating new features for your recruiters

At Talisman, we’re always releasing powerful features for recruiters. And when we do, we love getting Tails to do even more. 

Tails is a “Marmite” figure but for us Tails adds a little joy to anyone using Talisman.