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Deduct your own UK PAYE

Deduct your own UK PAYEWith Talisman, you’ll have a compliant process of payroll for your PAYE workers, contractors, umbrellas and international workers. Don’t deduct your own UK PAYE? You’ll probably save significantly by moving this in-house.

Scale your operation

Our larger customers regularly process over 20,000 weekly timesheets. If your current Pay and Bill system doesn’t seem to have the enterprise functionality you need - organise a demo with Talisman. We've got all those niggles covered.

Create Invoices that Get Paid

Invoicing is about getting paid for the work you’ve done. You’ll have customers who are very particular about the invoice format. With Talisman there are so many invoice permutations that you can get it spot on for your customers. Need to split an invoice by PO number and Payroll Reference? No problem.

Increase productivity

Pay and Bill takes the timesheet and front office input and then processes the payroll and billing requirements for all workers and clients. This efficient process reduces errors, increases productivity and maximises margins.

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